UltraGlaze® SSG4800J Accelerated Cure One-Part Structural Glazing Sealant

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High-Strength, accelerated-cure, structural glazing sealant.


1. High strength, neutral cure
2. High tensile adhesion and high peel strength with a minimum 5:1 safety factor.
3. Fast green strength build increase productivity.
4. Primerless adhesion to many building substrates.
5. Compatible with GE Silicone insulating glass sealants.
6. Meets international standards including ASTM C920, ASTM C1184, GB16776.

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UltraGlaze SSG4800J structural glazing adhesive is a one-component, high-strength neutral cure silicone elastomeric adhesive with accelerated cure characteristics providing for enhanced early hour cure properties. SSG4800J is useful in structurally glazed curtain wall applications. The material is supplied as a paste, which cure into durables flexible silicone rubber upon exposure to atmospheric moisture.

Key Features and Typical Benefits
Silicone Durability - Exhibits excellent long term resistance to ultraviolet radiation, high and low temperatures, rain, snow and natural weathering and negligible change in elasticity.

Stable Consistency (uncured state)— Supplied as a lightweight paste the consistency of which remains relatively unchanged over a wide temperature range. The material will extrude easily from the cartridge or container and remains workable under almost any practical temperature without requiring heating (other sealant types can stiffen upon exposure to cooler conditions and require heating in order to dispense and work the material).

Thermal Stability (cured state)— Once cured, the material remains flexible over a temperature range of -55ºF(-48ºC) to 250ºF (121ºC).

Primerless Adhesion - Bonds to most conventional substrates and finishes including:glass, glass coatings, ceramic frits, fluropolymer and powder coated paints, conversion-coated and anodized aluminum. Some finishes may require a primer.

Low Sag or Slump - Which may be used for application to horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces.

Acclerated Cure - Faster early hour cure properties to facilitate handling of assembled units.

High Tensils Strength - Increases safety factors in SSG designs.

High tear Strength - Useful in Protective Glazing applications.

Compatible with these GE sealants insulating glass products: IGS3703, IGS3713-D1, IGS3729, IGS3723, IGS3733.

Potential Applications
UltraGlaze SSG4800J structural glazing adhesive may be an excellent material of choice for use in structural glazing applications such as factory glazing of unitized curtainwall

UltraGlaze SSG4800J structural glazing adhesive can also be used as a weatherseal product, when movement expected in the joint does not exceed its movement capability (±25%).

UltraGlaze SSG4800J structural glazing adhesive has been validated in designs as an appropriate candidate for consideration for use in protective glazing applications.

UltraGlaze SSG4800J structural glazing adhesive is useful in panel stiffener applications.

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