Norseal High Performance Foam Tape

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Norseal FS1000 Series is a proprietary, high performance foam tape designed with a unique combination of sealing properties.

1. Expandable and fire resistant
2. Airtight. Compressed by 30%, FS1000 is airtight up to a pressure of 1000Pa, depending on the surface of the application.
3. Watertight. FS1000 is watertight when compressed by 30%.
4. Compressible and resilient.
5. Easy installation, produced in various thickness.
6. Environmentally friendly, contain no halogen compounds, and there are no concerns of toxic gas emissions when heated.

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Norseal FS1000 is expandable and fire resistant, blocking smoke, air and water. In its natural state, FS1000 is soft, conformable and easy to attach to complex surfaces.

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