1. Kinohimitsu

    Measuring the Wet Film Thickness of GE Enduris* 3500 Silicone Roof Coating

    When applying GE Enduris* 3500 or any other GE silicone coatings, the wet film thickness is important as it dictates whether a coating is covered under any product warranties applicable. Also, it signifies the durability of coating, the thicker, the stronger it will be! GE provides a wet film thickness gauge that is useful for any coating
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  2. Kinohimitsu

    GE Enduris* 3500 Pre-application Substrate Adhesion Testing

    Brand: GE Silicones   Before applying GE Enduris* 3500 or other GE Silicone coatings on any surface (substrate), an adhesion test must be done to assess the compatibility. It is an important step for eligibility of any product warranty that may be applicable to the project. Adhesion tests assess the ability for the coating to stick onto the
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