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Tosseal 83 Mildew Resistant Sealant

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One part, neutral-cure kitchen and bathroom sealant

1. Exceptional mildew resistance - maintains effectiveness in high temperature and humidity
2. Ready-to-use - one-component neutral (ketoxime) cure sealant with no acetoxy odor during curing process
3. Easy gunnability - wide temperature application range
4. Excellent adhesion - adheres to many materials

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TOSSEAL 83 is a one component silicone sealant which resists mildew even under prolonged exposure to high temperatures and humidity. This product cures to a durable high modulus silicone rubber sealant on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. TOSSEAL 83 effectively seals around bathtubs, sinks, showers, kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures, and can be used for sealing ceramic tile. It provides lasting flexibility and watertight adhesion to most ceramics, glasses, plastics and metals. TOSSEAL 83 satisfies JIS A 5758 code regulations (F,G-30SLM), a test of durability of construction sealing materials under extreme performance requirement.

Key Features and Typical Benefits
• One component, ready-to-use sealant
• Room temperature cure
• Neutral cure (ketoxime cure)
• No acetoxy odor during cure
• Easy gunnability over a wide temperature range
• Superior mildew resistance
• Maintains good flexibility
• Excellent adhesion to many materials

Potential Applications
• Sealing for ceramic tile, bathtubs, sinks, showers, bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures
• Interior sealing in building and housing
• Sealing in pre-fabricated housing, freight containers, and cold storage room

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Brand GE Silicones
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