Fast Tack® Firestop Spray

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FastTack Firestop Spray is the ultimate in weather resistant firestop sprays


1. Skins over quickly to resist water
2. Tack free in 35 minutes
3. Cures below freezing
4. Tough, water-resistant flexible shield against fire and smoke.
5. Will not wash out
6. Safe, no asbestos, no inorganic fibers
7. Auto bonding
8. Non-halogenated

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FastTack hybrid copolymer formula was developed to counter the stalling effects of weather while providing unmatched washout resistance and the industry’s fastest tack free times. Fast Tack Firestop Spray is engineered to form a durable, flexible, waterresistant shield; providing the most versatile protection on the market.

SpecSeal® Fast Tack® Firestop Spray is designed primarily for the protection of construction joints and excels in curtain wall safing gap conditions, slab edge/curtain wall conditions, floor to floor joints, floor to wall joints, and vertical joints (columns or shear walls).

The fire protective joint coating shall be a single component, moisture curing elastomeric advanced hybrid polymer coating. The coating as applied shall be insoluble and immiscible in water, and cure to form a flexible, moisture resistant film. The coating shall adhere to all common construction surfaces and be of a high static viscosity, capable of being applied by brush, roller, or airless sprayer. The approved coating shall be SpecSeal® Fast Tack® Firestop Spray.

When applied to a wet film thickness of 2 mm over appropriate backing materials, SpecSeal® Fast Tack® Firestop Spray has been successfully tested to the exacting criteria of ASTM E2307, ASTM E1966, ANSI/UL2079, ASTM E814, ANSI/UL1479, ASTM E1399 and to the timetemperature requirements of ASTM E119 (ANSI/UL263) in 1, 2, 3 and 4 hour rated joint and perimeter fire containment systems and CAN/ULC S115. Visit the Technical Library at for individual UL System designs and application requirements.

Use product as per manufacturer’s instructions. Use only in applications per the manufacturer’s published designs or specific recommendations. End user must ultimately determine the suitability of the product and/or design to his or her specific requirements and assumes responsibility for its use. PRODUCT IS CONDUCTIVE UNTIL DRY. DO NOT APPLY IN THE PRESENCE OF EXPOSED OR ENERGIZED ELECTRICAL CONDUCTORS.

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