SS44UV Construction Sealant Primer

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GE primer can deliver strong, consistent adhesion to substrates and finishes that are difficult to bond

SS44UV Primer optically brightens under blacklight (UV-A) providing for visual confirmation of coverage. Users of SS44UV will need a suitable light source to confirm primer application.

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GE construction primers help promote strong and consistent adhesion of GE branded construction sealants to surfaces that may be difficult to bond to. These primers are supplied ready-to-use (i.e., no mixing required) and easily applied to clean, dry, frost-free, sound surfaces just prior to sealant installation.

Key Features and Typical Benefits

• SS4044P Primer—Candidate for adhesion promotion on: anodized & painted aluminum, mill & conversion-coated aluminum, metals & galvanized metals, copper, brass, painted & stainless steel, brick, concrete, stone, terra cotta, unglazed ceramics, plastics and wood. May prove useful on other items as well. May be used interchangeably with SS4004P & SS44UV.
• SS4004P Primer—Identical formulation to: SS4044P except tinted pink for confirmation of coverage on light-colored substrates. SS4044P & SS4004P may be used interchangeably. May be used interchangeably with SS4004P & SS44UV.
• SS44UV Primer—Identical formulation to SS4044P except optically brightens under blacklight (UV-A) for confirmation of coverage. May be used interchangeably with SS4044P and SS4004P. May be used interchangeably with SS4044P & SS4004P.
• SS4179 Primer—Candidate for adhesion promotion on: various factory applied paints including; fluoropolymer, acrylics, alkyds, powder coats, etc., most plastics, conversion-coated & painted aluminum, copper and brass. SS4179 is also effective on some porous substrates. SS4179 primer may be suitable for some food contact applications where FDA regulations apply. Determination of specific requirements is recommended prior to use.
• SS80 Primer—Candidate for adhesion promotion on all substrates similar to SS4044P but also polyolefin materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and chlorinated polyethylene, which are normally difficult-to-bond substrates.
• Short Dry Time—Most typical applications require only a few minutes of drying time prior to application of the sealant (drying time is variable and dependent upon local conditions at point of use). See typical properties table for drying times.
• Product Versatility—These silicone primer solutions are compatible with all GE branded construction silicone products lines. Consult Technical Services for specific sealant-primersubstrate recommendations or testing.

Potential Applications

• GE construction primers enhance adhesion of GE construction products to difficult-to-bond surfaces and substrates.

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