IGS3723 Insulating Glass Sealant Part B

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IGS3723B catalyst, black paste, mixes and cures to black silicone rubber. Available in 5 gallon pails filled to 40 pounds (18.2 kg)

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IGS3723 is a high-modulus neutral curing silicone for secondary sealing of both structural and nonstructural insulating glass units. IGS3723 is a two-component silicone that offers variable work life with fast deep section cure to accommodate scheduling and production needs.

Key Features and Benefits
• Silicone Durability—Cured silicone rubber exhibits excellent long term resistance to natural weathering including: extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, rain and snow, with negligible change in elasticity.
• Fast Cure—May allow for shipping of fabricated insulating glass units within hours of completion without silicone transfer or glass shifting.
• Adhesion Performance—Attains strong bonds to many conventional spacer materials without primer.
• Successful History—Component in numerous insulating glass units designs that meet the requirements of the ASTM E 2190 specification for IGU performance and evaluation.
• Structural Capability—May be utilized as the secondary sealant for insulating glass units fabricated for structural glazing applications.

Potential Application
• Low Pumping Viscosity—Can allow for high unit throughput, low strain on production pumping equipment, and void free filling of the sealant cavity.
• Low Sag or Slump—Provides for ease of use on automated sealant lines.
• Nonflammable—Does not require special handling or storage associated with flammable materials.
• Compatibility—Compatible with GE structural and weather sealing silicones as well as many commonly used accessories in the glass and glazing trade.

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