Tape Solutions for Structural Glazing Spacing

Tape Solutions for Structural Glazing Spacing

Saint-Gobain offers a complete range of Thermalbond Structural Glazing Spacer Tapes to perform as a key component in structural silicone glazing applications. Thermalbond, formerly called Norton Tape, has been the industry standard for structural spacer tapes for over 40 years, with worldwide usage in a range of curtain-wall styles. Spacer tapes provide both consistent spacing between the glazing panel and structure, as well as an established area where structural silicone sealant can be applied. Tested to ensure superior performance, Thermalbond Tapes surpass competitive products in load deformation performance and moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) proving it is the ideal solution for structural silicone glazing applications.

Structural Glazing Spacer Tapes

Products: Open-Cell Polyurethane Foam Tapes with Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive, double coated and single coated options

Function: Spacer tapes provide a spacing function that regulates the correct application of structural glazing sealant, critical in structural silicone glazing systems

Features: Compression set resistance, open-cell structure for structural silicone curing, durable acrylic adhesive for a temporary bond during assembly. Compatibility with all major brand structural silicone sealants

Polyurethane Foam Tape, Double Coated: Thermalbond PUR Tapes primarily act as a spacer to maintain a uniform distance between the glazing panel and the structure. These double coated tapes provide temporary holding power to the glass lites and unit frames as structural silicone is injected into the system and then allowed to cure.

Thermalbond V2100 Series is designed for glazing in field applications and is suited for two-sided and four-sided systems. It features superior load bearing ability in compression and shear, a consideration with heavier units of glass. Thermalbond V2200 Series is designed for shop fabrication only with reduced static load-bearing capability but equally as robust performance in the application. Both product series are available in black or gray color configurations. The gray version of these tapes has a light gray foam core with UV-durable gray-pigmented adhesive. When compared to competitive materials such as closed-cell PVC foam spacer tapes, the open cell polyurethane foam core of Thermalbond provides long-term resistance to loading and environmental influences which enables the longevity of structural silicone glazed systems in the field.

Polyurethane Foam Tape, Single Coated: Thermalbond Xpress Tapes feature the same foam core chemistries as the double coated version but with the adhesive only present on a single side of the product. Thermalbond Xpress eliminates the need for a liner, simplifying and speeding installation. The absence of a liner reduces the total waste associated using Xpress - liners provide protection and aid in installation but also are discarded.

The adhesive creates an aggressive bond on contact, eliminating the need for aluminum channel raceways commonly seen in glazing systems that use silicone compatible rubber pre-formed gasket materials. Xpress utilizes adhesive placement for integration into the glazing assembly preventing the need for unique profile production with every individual system. This allows for greater flexibility and faster design changes to keep projects on time. The low friction coating eliminates trapped air pockets providing a consistent visual appearance behind the face of the glass.

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