GE Enduris* 3500 Pre-application Substrate Adhesion Testing

Brand: GE Silicones


Before applying GE Enduris* 3500 or other GE Silicone coatings on any surface (substrate), an adhesion test must be done to assess the compatibility. It is an important step for eligibility of any product warranty that may be applicable to the project. Adhesion tests assess the ability for the coating to stick onto the substrate. 

For adhesion test, 3 items are required: 

As GE Enduris* 3500 requires no primer, a sample is directly applied on the surface with the brush. This would be your first layer. Next, place RF100 Reinforcing Fabric onto the sample, and gently tap it in place, eliminating any bubbles that are trapped between. Lastly, apply a second coat of GE silicone coating onto the fabric. Allow the sample to cure completely for 72 hours, and pull one end of the strip to determine the adhesion. 

Refer to the video below for illustration: 


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